Case Studies

Case study: BAM Bamboo Clothing

Launched by David Gordon in 2006, BAM’s foundation sits firmly on environmentally sustainability, primarily producing clothing from bamboo and organic cotton.

Case study: Circular & Co

In 2003, Dan Dicker founded Circular&Co., a business centred around manufacturing circular products and collaborating with a network of industry professionals to achieve true circular solutions.

Case study: Circularity Capital

Circularity Capital aims to invest in innovative SMEs which specialise within a range of five clearly defined circular business models.

Case study: Oddbox

Oddbox is a social impact business fighting food waste taking excess seasonal stock and offering direct home delivery to the end consumer.

Case study: Ricoh

Having grown over the last decade, the model of ‘selling a printed page’ now represents around 50% of Ricoh's UK office automation revenue.

Case study: Riversimple

Riversimple has developed the hydrogen-fuelled RASA car, inspired by the incompatibility of the industry’s current production model with the demands of the contemporary consumer market.

Case Study: Winnow Solutions

Winnow’s aim is to inspire chefs to see that food is too valuable to waste, through technology to enable commercial kitchens to record and analyse exactly what is put in the bin.