NICER and Innovate UK Case Studies

NICER, 2023

Below you will find project case studies from the second round of Innovate UK’s Circular Economy for SMEs – Innovating with the NICER Programme funding call.

We’re immensely proud to highlight the innovative ideas and solutions that have been developed by the funded organisations and their partners to help create a more circular future across a range of sectors. The two rounds of funding have now closed, but we continue to celebrate the successes and achievements of our community. Browse our collection of case studies to learn more about the transformative impact of circular economy principles and the power of innovative thinking in driving positive change in the UK and beyond.

Check back for updates – new case studies from the fund will be uploaded periodically.


Digital platform technology research to enable producers to achieve greater product longevity and better end of life solutions – Project Reference: 10026934

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The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products

DISRUPT: Delivering Innovative Steel ReUse ProjecT – Project Reference: 10028038

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Medicycle: Circular economy solution for clinical plastic waste – Project Reference: 10028719

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Measuring impact, digitising supply chains: A Material Impact Tool for the circular textiles economy – Project Reference: 10027500

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PreaDeM: Pre-demolition environmental assessment and Decision-Making platform – Project Reference: 10027014

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ECOMAR Propulsion

Circular Economy for SMEs – Project Reference: 10026882

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Re-use of injection moulding waste for Additive Manufacturing Rheon (Re-Rheon 3D) – Project Reference: 10026640

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MineLoop: Integrating high-resolution circular economy metrics within life cycle assessment software to drive resource circulation and reduce criticality of key technology metals – Project Reference: 10024920

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Heyne Tillett Steel

Testing concrete-encased steel from the 1950s for direct reuse – Project Reference: 10028656

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