CE-Hub Technical Report: A Guide to Public Data Resources for a Circular Economy Modelling and Measurement Framework

CE-Hub, 2022

In a new technical report, CE-Hub researchers examine and curate UK public data sources of potential relevance to circular economy (CE) implementation in the UK, providing several recommendations to improve coverage and fitness and outlining practical solutions being implemented as part of our work establishing a CE data observatory.

The availability, management and dissemination of public data is central to scaling CE. By keeping materials in circulation for longer, designing out waste and retaining value within the economy, the CE will bring about a more sustainable and prosperous future for business and society, while contributing to environmental policy targets. However, gaps and inconsistencies in presently accessible data slow down the development of tools that could otherwise steer, monitor and improve circularity and its positive impacts.

The full report and a 2-page summary ‘Circular Data for the Circular Economy’ are available to view and download below.


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A guide to public data resources for a circular economy modelling & measurement framework - Full Report

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