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Diagram of CE-Hub and five CE Centres


The National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research (NICER) Programme is a four-year £30 million investment from UKRI to move the UK towards a circular economy. 

The Programme is made up of five Circular Economy Research Centres, each focused on a speciality material flow, and the co-ordinating CE-Hub. The Programme aims to deliver research, innovation, and the evidence base to move the UK towards a resilient UK circular economy. The NICER programme is the largest and most comprehensive investment in the UK Circular Economy to date.

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Circular Economy Hub

The UKRI National Circular Economy Research Hub (CE-Hub) is the coordinating Hub for the NICER Programme. The Hub works with the five UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Centres, and brings together academics, industry practitioners, policy makers and civic society to deliver CE research and innovation. Through collaboration and knowledge sharing, the Hub will establish scientific evidence, tools, and methods to support the implementation of a UK circular economy.


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Circular Economy

There are five UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Centres that make up the NICER Programme alongside the Hub. Each Centre is focused on a speciality material, industry, or resource flow, and has ambitious proposals to reduce waste, increase circularity and to minimise environmental impact of their sectors. 

The speciality sectors are: Chemicals, Metals, Mineral-based Construction Materials, Technology Metals and Textiles.

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