Currently, most of what we consume flows through a linear, ‘take, make, waste’ economy, in which products and materials are made, used, and then thrown away. A Circular Economy, by contrast, focuses on regeneration, restoration, and re-use at all stages of a resource’s life cycle. This allows products, materials, and components to remain in circulation at their highest value for the longest period, and the waste generated by a linear economy is designed out from the start. 

What is
the CE-Hub?

The CE-Hub is the coordinating Hub for the NICER Programme, a four-year programme working to provide the evidence base needed to deliver a resilient and restorative Circular Economy for the UK. The Hub works with the five UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Centres, and brings together academics, industry practitioners, policy makers and civic society to deliver CE research and innovation.

The Five
CE Centres

There are five UKRI National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Centres that make up the NICER Programme alongside the Hub. Each Centre is focused on a speciality material, industry, or resource flow, and is conducting research and innovation on how circularity can be implemented to each of these major material flows. To find out more about each Centre and its research, click here.

Knowledge Hub
access the latest research

A resource centre for policy makers and businesses to access the latest research and knowledge on the CE.

Easy to explore, supported by high-level synopsis and grounded in academic rigour, the Knowledge Hub offers a repository and signposting service to share and disseminate CE learning and activity.

Access the Hub
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CE Stories
Circular Economy in Action

Bringing Circular Economy to life, our CE Stories showcase innovative organisations across the UK. If you are working in this area and would like to share your story, do contact us.

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