Measuring the circular economy

2021, C-Hub Team

Autumn 2021 Seminar Series

Measuring the Circular Economy has been repeatedly ranked as one of the most important topics that the NICER community would like explore.

CE-Hub co-directors, Professors Fiona Charnley and Peter Hopkinson were joined by experts in CE modelling and analysis to discuss this multi-dimensional topic. The event explored the challenges of measuring CE at scale – in terms of National Economy and value chain – and discussed the use of national material accounts, biophysical and economic modelling tools, KPIs and a value chain taxonomy to structure complex resource and product flows to guide action, outcome, and system level impact evaluation.

Including presentations from:

  • Professor Markus Zils (University of Exeter, CE-Hub, Met4Tech)
  • Professor John Barrett (University of Leeds,)
  • Professor Raimund Bleischwitz (UCL, CircularMetalICEC-MCM)
  • Dr Andy Rees (Welsh Government)

The data presented by Prof. John Barrett are available at: Material Flow data and Resource efficiency strategy information. The website shown by Dr Andy Rees is MyRecyclingWales.

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