Circular Economy Handbook: realising the circular advantage

2019, Lacy, Long, Spindler


From the authors of Waste to Wealth, The Circular Economy Handbook demonstrate how to realize a Circular at speed and scale. The circular economy offers a powerful means to decouple growth from use of scarce and harmful resources, enabling greater production and consumption with fewer negative environmental impacts—at the same time, making companies more innovative and competitive. The Circular Economy Handbook illuminates the path from insight to action, from linear to circular. With case studies, advice and practical guidance, the authors show leaders how to pivot towards a holistic circular organization, embedding circularity internally and delivering broad-based system change. With unique insights across business models, technologies, and industries – featuring stories and real-world examples from circular pioneers – this book is the essential guide to help companies become leaders in the movement to secure the circular economy advantage.

Circular Economy Handbook

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