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Repairable by Design – Educating for Repair

We’ve all been there, you’ve just dropped your new mobile phone and smashed the screen. It’s only 6 months old and it’s perfectly fine apart from the cracked screen. Instead of  throwing it away and replacing the whole phone,  wouldn’t it be better if you could fix it yourself?  This is exactly what The Restart […]

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The Reusables Working Group

Editorial: Tom Dawson (Revolution-ZERO) with Hannah Drew (Good Club) and Tom Struthers (Draught Drop) Contributors: The Reusables Working Group

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The ReSTORE Repair Cafe

Originally set up in the Netherlands in 2009, Repair Cafés were established with the aim of helping people fix items for free, avoiding waste, and building a sense of community. Repair Cafés have since expanded across the globe, with RepairCafé.org estimating that there are currently over 2200 cafés worldwide, with 33045 volunteers repairing 39654 items […]

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