The December 2021 issue of the CE-Hub’s Quarterly Newsletter was recently sent to over 800 members of our network from 20 countries across the globe. Our newsletter is designed to provide a snap-shot and update of activities, events, outputs from the Hub and across the NICER Programme, as well as sharing opportunities to engage with the Programme, the CE-Hub, and the 5 National CE Centres over the next 3 years.

Our second issue included updates on a variety of the Hub’s recent activities, such as our recently published CE Stories, the two projects selected to be funded in our first round of Feasibility Studies, and updates from the five online events we have run this quarter, covering a range of topics identified by our Circular Economy community. To watch recordings of our past events, visit our Youtube Channel. To keep informed of upcoming events, keep an eye on our website and Eventbrite.

This issue also included updates from the five Circular Economy Centres, with Early Career Researchers (ECRs) from each of the Centres introducing themselves to readers. Each ECR gave a short introduction on their particular research interest, and their role in the Programme. Our newsletter will feature new ECRs each issue, with a short profile on their work and research, and links to their social media channels.

Alongside an upcoming events calendar with events from across the Programme, the newsletter included sections on recruitment opportunities from the Centres, and information on wider Circular Economy funding opportunities. There were also sections on academic and industry collaboration, a charity, think-tank, and NGOs feature, and a segment on opportunities for knowledge exchange.

To read our December 2021 newsletter click here. To sign up for future issues, contact us here.