The ReSTORE Repair Cafe

Originally set up in the Netherlands in 2009, Repair Cafés were established with the aim of helping people fix items for free, avoiding waste, and building a sense of community. Repair Cafés have since expanded across the globe, with RepairCafé.org estimating that there are currently over 2200 cafés worldwide, with 33045 volunteers repairing 39654 items per month.

With over 140 Repair Cafés now running across the UK, the potential for reducing waste and promoting repair and re-use at a community level is vast. In this podcast, John Alton from The ReSTORE, a reclaimed and repaired furniture shop in Dartington, Devon, discusses the key activities, challenges, and impacts of the shop and its monthly Repair Café. To find out more about the ReFURNISH project that the The ReSTORE is a part of, click here. To find out more about visiting or volunteering at The Restore, click here.

Listen to the Interview below, or on our soundcloud here.

Editorial: Victoria Lannin (CE-Hub);  Words: John Alston (The ReSTORE);  Images: TheReSTORE