CE and Citizens – CE-Hub Lunchtime Webinar


Join the CE-Hub and guest speakers to discuss the role of Citizens in CE.

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Planning and Adopting the CE – CE-Hub lunchtime Webinar


Join the CE-Hub and guest speakers to discuss CE Roadmapping, Adoption and Implementation.

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10 Years on in CE – CE-Hub Lunchtime Webinar


Join the CE-Hub and guest speakers to explore developments and progress made in CE over the past 10 Years and look to the future.

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Measuring Success in CE – CE-Hub Lunchtime Webinar Series


Join the CE-Hub and guest speakers to explore measurements and metrics to understand impact an success of CE interventions.

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Circular Economy and Achieving Net-Zero – CE-Hub Lunchtime Webinar Series


November 2021 saw the UK host COP26 and the formation of the Glasgow Climate Pact. Net-Zero and the need to limit global temperature rises are more present in the public and government agendas now more than ever. In this webinar we explore how a Circular Economy is vital to achieving these vital targets.

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Right to Repair – CE-Hub Lunchtime Webinar Series


Recording now available to view.
What does Right to Repair really mean? Join our expert panel to discuss the practicalities of repair, consumer acceptance of repair and the challenges and opportunities of repair including legislation and product safety.

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Greyscale snowy mountain peaks

CE Discovery Workshop – Building the Interdisciplinary Community online


This highly focused 2-day online conference drew together a large number of experts in unprecedented circumstances, even breaking …

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Birds-eye view of an autumnal forest

Watch the webinar: Systemic Innovation in a Circular Economy – Managing the Value Shift


Wednesday 28 October 2020, 13:00-14:00 (GMT) We are delighted to announce the first in a new series of Webinars hosted …

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Hemispherical, orange tinted photograph of Central Park, New York

Circular Cities Webinar: Implementing the Circular Economy in a COVID World: Regional Perspectives


Wednesday 11 November, 13:00 – 14:30 (GMT) This webinar brings together diverse perspectives from different regions across England …

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