As was established at the recent COP26, collaboration and partnership are essential to the transition to a circular economy. Founded in 1990, PYXERA Global works with multinational corporations, national development agencies, local governments, and non-governmental organizations in over 90 countries to find solutions to economic, geographic, and political challenges. One of their focuses is supporting the transition to a Circular Economy both across the globe and at each stage of the supply chain.

In this 12 minute episode of our CE Stories podcast, we talk to James George, a Strategic Advisor at PYXERA Global, to find out more about their Circular Economy action. Key topics discussed include examples of circular economy projects run by PYXERA, lessons learned, and the most important aspects of a transition to a circular economy across the globe.

Editorial: Victoria Lannin (CE-Hub);  Words: James George (PYXERA Global);  Images: PYXERA Global