Circular&Co, Dan Dicker: SME Shorts

As part of this month’s CE Stories we are sharing some SME Shorts – excerpts from interviews in which a range of SMEs discuss their circular businesses, experiences in CE, and what CE means to them. This SME Short is an excerpt from an interview with Dan Dicker, Founder and CEO of Circular&Co, an enterprise that extends the life of waste materials by using them to create their products.

Dan joined the CE-Hub on Wednesday 2nd and Thursday 3rd March 2022 for the inaugural NICER Programme CE Showcase, the first in-person event of the NICER Programme. The day gave the opportunity for the CE Community to network, share experiences and stories. Bringing together representatives from government, academia, global industry and small businesses, the event shared a diversity of expertise, experience approaches to CE.

The Showcase had several SMEs on panel sessions, giving talks, and representing their businesses as part of the Circular Economy Club-led SME Showcase. We invited some of these SMEs to share their Circular Economy stories in a series of interviews.

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