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Capacity Building Roundtable

Thirty invited experts from all sectors of education, industry and government policy organisations joined the CE-Hub’s second online roundtable. The mission: to discuss key skills and capabilities required by the workforce of the future; and how to synthesise the development of capacity building pathways to support professionals across the CE community.

CE Capacity Building is one of the five founding pillars of the Hub. Following Professors Charnley and Hopkinson’s introduction to this visionary pillar, insightful and inspiring presentations were given by:

Reniera O’Donnell (Ellen Macarthur Foundation)

Esther Goodwin-Brown (Circle Economy NL)

Kiki Govers (Danone NL)

Cynthia Adu (Avieco UK)

The roundtable discussed and explored new skills needed for systems change; whether as students, teachers, employers or employees, researchers in industry, policymakers and government ministers; and the CE-Hub’s role in delivering this.