Technology metals such as lithium, cobalt, rare earths, platinum group, tungsten, and many others, are needed for most of the key applications and technologies required for digital devices, renewable energy, clean transport, and the transition towards Net Zero carbon (auto catalysts, batteries, electric vehicles, electronics, fuel cells, magnets, phones, solar panels, superalloys, wind power, etc). The UKRI Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Centre for Technology Metals (Met4Tech) project will look at new sources of sustainable supply, stocks and flows, manufacturing and technology innovations, and the policy context for the UK. This Centre brings together academic and industrial partners to identify system-level interventions to enable circularity in the production, use and reuse of technology metals. The Met4Tech Centre will work with partners at all stages of the supply chain to deliver improved resource use and waste minimisation while developing a new technology metals circular economy roadmap.

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The Met4Tech Centre will work with industry, business, policy, and social experts to develop a circular future for technology metals, decreasing reliance on imports.

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