The Old Pants Project – 2022

The Old Pants Project is an innovative feasibility study that aims to demonstrate whether growing edible mushrooms on textile waste is a viable alternative to the landfill and incineration that is currently used to dispose of over 92 million tonnes of fabric every year. Growing a valuable resource like food on old clothes would be a big step in making the fashion industry more sustainable, reducing pollution and potentially provide a source of protein in lowand middleincome countries that are the destination of much of our global textile waste.  

PI: Dr Suzy Clare Moody, Kingston University
Project Partner: Bamboo Clothing Limited 



“Our CE-Hub UK project is underway: Our new fungi have arrived and Libby is taking the big BAM pants into the lab to see if we can grow mushrooms on textile waste.”  Dr Suzy Clare Moody, Kingston University




Photo Credit: Dr Suzy Clare Moody, Kingston University (Link to Post)