The Textiles Circularity Centre (TCC) will turn bio waste – post-consumer textiles, crop residues and household waste – into renewable materials for use in textiles to envision a circular textiles economy for the UK SME apparel-fashion industry. TCC will stimulate innovation and growth in the UK manufacturing, apparel and creative technologies sectors through three research strands:
● Materials Circularity will transform bio waste into renewable fibres, polymers and flexible textiles by integrating bio-tech processes, advanced manufacturing and circular design. This will form part of a circular strategy to transition from crop-grown and petroleum fibres.
● Circular Supply Chain will deliver a transparent supply chain as well as to develop a platform for small businesses to gain access to these renewable materials.
● Consumer Experience will design consumer experiences that engage citizens in an interactive, meaningful, co-creative and sustainable culture for products, enabling ‘consumers’ to become ‘active co-creators’ in a circular product cycle.

Diagram demonstrating circular textiles production, including scientific research, manufacturing, and consumption

Textiles Circularity Centre: creating a coupling between textiles, resource flows and wellbeing.

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