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Roads To Circularity: The COP26 roundtable on food, mobility, and the Circular Economy, Pt. 2

The second part of the talk focused on mobility and transport systems, and was kicked off with the premier of a second short film by EMF, “Tackling climate change with a circular economy for mobility”. This film explored the importance of circularity in the transition to electric vehicles, with a focus on the end life of EV batteries.

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Textile Waste and Eggshells to be tackled in first CE-Hub Funded Feasibility Studies

The first round of the CE-Hub Feasibility Study funding is pleased to have funded two innovative projects which …

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Rocks and ocean at Mississauga, Canada

World Circular Economy Forum: Crossing Boundaries

This week saw the fifth World Circular Economy Forum take place online, organised collaboratively by the Government of …

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New national Circular Economy Hub to provide leadership in UK bid to create a sustainable future

We are pleased to welcome you to the new National Interdisciplinary Circular Economy Research Hub (CE-Hub) led by the University of …

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