Application of recycled carbon black in printable electronic and photovoltaic devices – 2022

This proof of concept study will assess the potential for recycled carbon black from waste tires to be applied in printable electronic, electrochemical and photovoltaic devices. Approximately 29 million metric tonnes of vehicle tyres reach the end of their lifespan each year, 10% of which go to landfill and most are incinerated. Our project seeks to identify opportunities for the recycled carbon black from Wastefront’s recycling process as a higher-value product in electronic and electrochemical devices, such as printable photovoltaics. We will explore whether the tyre manufacturing and recycling process leads to advantageous properties, over virgin material in these applications. 

PI: Professor Elizabeth Gibson, Newcastle University
Project Partners: RAF Leeming, WasteFront

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Gibson, Newcastle University