Innovation in Circular Economy – CE Hub Lunchtime Webinar


Our October lunchtime webinar was on the topic of Innovation in Circular Economy. CE-Hub co-director Professor Fiona Charnley chaired the event which featured three speakers: Barry Waddilove of Electrolux, Marco Segovia of Circular Change and Allen Alexander from the University of Exeter.

Starting the session, Barry kicked off by outlining Electrolux’s comprehensive sustainability strategy which spans over three pillars: better company, better solutions, and better living. Barry highlighted Electrolux’s shift from traditional product-focused approach to a service and UX design-focused one, citing their ‘At Ease’ appliance subscription service as an example. The company collaborates with recyclers to redesign products for better recyclability, with a 90% recyclable vacuum cleaner prototype as a notable achievement.

Following Barry’s presentation, Marco spoke about the work they’re doing at Circular Change, stressing the importance of collaboration in circular innovation involving multiple stakeholders.

Finally, Professor Allen Alexander discussed his academic research work on understanding how organisations transition towards a circular economy.

The following Question and Answer session provoked a wealth of questions and comments in the chat box of which the speakers did their best to get through as many as possible. You can catch up with the webinar recording below.