Handbook of the Circular Economy – CE Hub Lunchtime Webinar


The final lunchtime webinar of the year for 2023 celebrated the launch of the recently published Handbook of the Circular Economy. Edited by CE Hub co-director Fiona Charnley, along with Exeter colleagues Allen Alexander and Stefano Pascucci, the book takes a unique look at this rapidly expanding field of activity from the perspectives of global thought leaders, world-leading researchers and industry.

We were lucky enough to have three of the chapter authors join us to speak at the webinar. Marta Ferri of Lancaster University spoke about her chapter “Plastic Futures: Mobilising Circular Economy contexts to address the Plastic Crisis”. She was followed by Saskia van den Muijsenberg from Biomimicry, speaking about her chapter on Biomimicry and finally Marijana Novak of Circle Economy presented about circular economy jobs. Marijana shared a live demo of their Circular Jobs Monitor which sparked a lot of audience questions. Allen and Fiona were also on hand to answer any questions before the webinar wrapped up.

You can watch the full webinar back below, which includes details of the exclusive 40% discount off the price of the Handbook.