Digital Decarbonisation – 2022

The aim of this research is to conduct a feasibility study into building the foundations of a ‘metal decarbonisation dashboard’ that would enable organisations to evaluate their metal digital carbon footprint over the lifecycle of the metal components and deliver system level change to their data collection. The feasibility study will be focussed around four technological data pillars for aero metal manufacture:  Recovering (understanding data overdependence and the impact of increasing data sets and one-time usage), Recycling (competitive versus collective – data flows and the benefits of sharing, data harmonisation), Reusing (the bottlenecks to knowledge reuse, departmental data reuse metrics, supply chain data interoperability), Remaining Useful Life (data sustainability, fragility, lifecycle and end-of-life determination).   

PI: Professor Tom Jackson, Loughborough University
Project Partners: NPL

Image Credit: Tom Jackson, Loughborough University