Demystifying Series

Demystifying Series: Business and a circular economy

Exploring value creation opportunities for businesses adopting the circular economy, including business models, enablers and challenges.

Demystifying Series: Consumers, behaviour change and a circular economy

Considering the role of consumers in the shift to a circular economy, including the importance of behaviour change and some methods to use.

Demystifying Series: Design and a circular economy

Exploring the role of design in the circular economy, both in the creation of physical products and also influencing behaviours and shaping systems.

Demystifying Series: Introducing a circular economy

Introducing the concept of the circular economy, how it addresses key global challenges and differs from the linear economic construct.

Demystifying Series: Policymaking and a circular economy

Providing an overview of the role of policy in adoption of the circular economy across the devolved nations of the UK, considering challenges and opportunities.