CircTex London – 2021

The CircTex London project will improve our understanding of the use of waste textiles in London by addressing data gaps in the flow of clothing textiles in London. The textile sector globally accounts for the fourth-highest usage of primary raw materials and the fifth highest in GHG emissions according to a 2017 EEA report 2017. The environmental impact of the sector is also exacerbated by ‘fast fashion’. Cities have become hubs for fashion textiles’ use but associated embodied impacts are not always understood. Most textiles are not recycled with incineration and landfill still the predominant destinations for fashion textiles. London is a test bed of potential interventions to increase circularity of textiles and reduce the carbon impact of fashion. This work aims to design a methodological framework for the quantification of flows, carbon impacts and the design of scenarios to guide policy decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

“Increasing circularity of fashion textiles is pivotal for achieving climate commitments but we still have a very fragmented overview of the fashion textile system and its carbon impacts. Successful interventions need to rely on robust scientific models of fashion textile flows and aligned action by key stakeholders”

Dr Teresa Domenech, PI of CircTex

Watch this introductory video to find out more about the project.