Our Work

The CE-Hub brings together academics, industry practitioners, policy makers and civic society to deliver CE research and innovation in a systemic and joined up way. Over the next four years, the NICER programme will deliver systemic change in the way resources are used, valued and measured across the UK. The work of the CE-hub comprises 5 major elements:

CE Observatory

A National CE Observatory as a key reference point for data, analysis and insight into the economic and business opportunity, pathways to implementation and evidence of what works in practice.

Knowledge Platform

Knowledge Platform to showcase examples of success, provide simple and readily accessible tools and methods to support implementation of CE practices and a two-way exchange of knowledge, experiences and advice.

Inclusive Community

An Inclusive CE community that enables multiple stakeholders, from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to have a voice and help shape a future CE that is better for everyone.

Capacity Building

Building capacity through training, education, career pathways and the promotion of new job opportunities as we move from the linear model of the 20th century to the age of circularity.

Impact and Innovation

Impact and Innovation as a central driver for large scale, transformation, system wide change including the co-creation of a UK CE Road map.

What is a
Circular Economy?

A Circular Economy is restorative and regenerative be design. By working at a systems level, the NICER Programme will undertake research and innovation to rethink the value of our resources, design out waste and deliver a resilient and restorative Circular UK Economy.

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